Letter to Metroplan May 29, 2017:

Dear President Brooke and Metroplan Board of Directors:

RE:  Long Range Plan amendment to add the words “Capacity Improvements” to the project description in Metroplan's 20 year Long Range Plan.

The League of Women Voters of Pulaski County has been following the development of the 30 Crossing  project since November of 2015, when State Representative Warwick Sabin presented  the concept to us.

Since then several members, including myself, have attended meetings presented by AHTD, as well as RPAC and Metroplan meetings. We have also attended presentations by outside consultants Norm Marshall, and Alana Semuels, and gathered additional data from other cities. We have come to the following conclusion:

We strongly believe that Metroplan should not pass this amendment. A “no” vote  would be one way to slow down the AHTD’s plan to widen I-30 through downtown Little Rock, and thus allow Metroplan, and the citizens more time to plead the case that this is not what Little Rock needs in the 21st Century.

By defeating this amendment, you will send a message that you realize that building bigger freeways are not the answer to vehicular congestion.  You also acknowledge that waiting until the Environmental Assessment is complete and perhaps a more comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement is needed is a more appropriate response.  By not allowing the freeway expansions around the 30 Crossing project, you keep alive the more forward-thinking models of boulevards, and surface street enhancements, as possibilities for Little Rock.

The LWVPC wants to “Imagine Central Arkansas” with a plan with more public transportation, less pollution, more walkable and bike-friendly areas, and a greater sense of connectivity.  Therefore, I ask you to vote against this amendment.


Carol Young, Convener

 League of Women Voters of Pulaski County

​​​​League of Women Voters

of Pulaski County, Arkansas